The Policy a Year Later

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of The Policy.  For many of us, November 5, 2015 was a day that turned the world upside down.  

If you’d like to listen to/read about the one year reflection on said Policy and how it affected members and the LGBT Mormon community, you have lots of options:
RadioWest’s panel discussion.
Mormon Matters’ panel discussion.
Peggy Fletcher Stack’s SLTrib article.
This poll that shows that most Mormons agree with the Policy.

And there’s more.  I’m sure there’s SO much more.

But this weekend I won’t be catching up on all things Policy-related.  I’ll be spending my time with family, going to a play, and talking about Not Church things.  Because for me I think that’s going to be healthiest.  Digging into the ramifications of The Policy can wait until later.  

So stay safe this weekend.  If you’re feeling like me, and looking back on November 2015 feels overwhelming, do something else!  It’s called self care, and it’s so important.  If you need some tips on what self care can look like for you, there’s this resource and this one and this one, too.  

Take care of yourselves, lovely people.  Whether for you that means reading a book in a cabin all weekend, or hanging out with friends, or hiking in the woods, or going to church, or not going to church – I trust you to know what’s best for you.  Do that thing and don’t apologize for it.  You’re worth taking care of!


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