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February 2017

Transitioning Mormons – Grand Forks & Fargo

By |February 8th, 2017|

Hi everyone. I created the “Transitioning Mormons – Grand Forks & Fargo” group […]

December 2016

Those who leave church deserve unconditional love

By |December 7th, 2016|

This piece was published in the Salt Lake Tribune on December 3, 2016. […]

Swearing Elder’s Report

By |December 5th, 2016|

I go through long periods of not giving two flying flips about Mormonism […]

November 2016

The Henderson Saints

By |November 21st, 2016|

If you’re in the Henderson, Nevada area and you’re looking for a supportive […]

Davis County Meet up Group Update

By |November 16th, 2016|

Started about 2 years ago
Now at 185 members
Lots of group activities
Lots of great […]

The Policy a Year Later

By |November 4th, 2016|

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of The Policy.  For many of us, […]

October 2016

Collecting and Sharing Stories

By |October 29th, 2016|

When Elder Russell Ballard gave his talk “To Whom Shall We Go?” this last […]

Mormon and Gay

By |October 26th, 2016|

My thoughts on the newly re-released official Mormon church website called Mormon and […]

Positive Perspective Post

By |October 13th, 2016|

There are lots of things about a faith transition that are stressful and […]

When There Are No Words

By |October 8th, 2016|

A faith transition is a deeply personal and gut-wrenching experience that can leave […]