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In this group we will deal with difficult questions that have bothered us about our church history & doctrine. You are invited to participate and be respectful.They prefer active members of the Church who are trying to understand to maintain their membership.


This group is for Latter-day Saints who are working to stay engaged in constructive ways with Mormonism. They value its many gifts yet also understand that discipleship does not always mean agreement, hence we give room here for people to give voice to adult faith development questions.


Supporting LGBT Mormons, their families, friends, and church leaders by encouraging spirituality, providing community, and working for inclusiveness.


This is a group to discuss the ancient nature of the Temple, while keeping the content sacred. This is not a place for criticism or revealing sacred ordinances, but to discuss the rites, beliefs and rituals of the ancient Temple. Please keep all comments centered on the topic of this group. Even if you would like to post something that is positive, if it is not about Temples then refrain from posting.


This is the main page for the ATM Facebook group. A secret group for believing LDS members who are struggling with a spouse’s crisis of faith


A group for people in the Mormon community who fall somewhere in the asexual/aromantic umbrella and their allies.


A group where the members discuss issues brought up by critics of Mormonism on Facebook. This is also a group where research done by LDS and other Christian scholars can be discussed.


This is a podcast and blog that seeks to explore the beauty, richness and complexity of Mormon thought and experience. Our purpose and mission is to model individualized pathways of belief, religious practice, and communion with God.


Understanding Same Gender Attraction – BYU’s unofficial group of LGBTQ/SSA students and allies.


The FB fMh page exists as an auxiliary to the blog feministMormonhousewives.org, to provide a safe place for people to learn about and explore the issues of faith and feminism, to foster fellowship, and to discuss actions that will contribute to making the LDS Church a place where women feel respected, involved, and equal.


Feminist Mormon Singletons is a safe place for singles ages 25-50 with connections to Mormon Feminism (and those respectful/supportive of such principles) to discuss their experiences and ideas about Mormonism, feminism and/or being single. This is not designed to be a dating site, but men are welcome and members are encouraged to befriend each other and build upon relationships outside of the group. As a group for singles, married folks are not invited


For ages 12-graduated from HS. The group is moderated by a few parents and mental health providers to keep things safe. Some group members are former LDS, some are practicing LDS, and some have never been LDS. They don’t discuss religious issues unless it’s to talk through an issue at their church or in their family.


A group for members of Community of Christ and earnest seekers with a Restoration heritage who are investigating what Community of Christ has to offer as a spiritual home.


Open discussion of the deeper issues of mormonism while leading with faith.


Mama Dragons is a space of support for women navigating the waters of LGBTQ issues within their family or community. We strive to make this space free of judgment between members.


Provides a community for open, respectful, and progressive discussion about LDS Church, doctrine, and culture. This is a place for those who are sympathetic to finding value in religion in general and Mormonism specifically, though we presuppose no level of involvement in the Church. We invite all to discuss any topic unflinchingly but also in a way that all feel safe sharing their ideas and perspectives. This group is intended for mature gospel discussion therefore as a rule members should be adults.


This is a place to vent about school related frustrations, brag about a job well done.. and well.. for people trying to remember how to write research papers to ask a few dumb questions.

It is also for those who are trying to get into school to find support, and for those who have been through it all and understand


This is a support group for survivors of Mormon Child Abuse created by the Mormon Child Abuse Awareness page.


This is a forum for the discussion of Mormonism and Mormon-related issues. It operates as a separate entity under the Sunstone Foundation. Discussions in the group should reflect a desire by participants to maintain some connection (religious, familial, cultural, intellectual?) to the Mormon community, broadly defined. Discussions that are openly hostile to Mormonism and that focus exclusively on separation from the Mormon community are inappropriate. Similarly, discussions that are excessively zealous or evangelical in their support of the doctrines and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are also inappropriate (in other words, this forum is not a place for “missionary work” on either side of the belief spectrum). Generally speaking, everything in between these two extremes is acceptable.


Mormonism Research Ministry is a missionary/apologetics organization that was organized to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to critically evaluate the differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity.


This group will play an active role in contributing to content for the Mormon Sunday School podcast. Each week there will be threads for questions and comments that will be addressed on the podcast itself, with or without attribution.This group is also a place for authentic discussion about scripture and gospel topics. A range of perspectives is welcome, but the tone must remain respectful and constructive. The podcast itself presupposes a faithful, believing, but also honest and responsible approach to Mormonism. Thus the motto of the podcast and group–challenge and be challenged by the scriptures.


This Facebook page is an extension of the Mormon Studies podcast website.


The Mormon Transhumanist Association is the world’s largest advocacy network for ethical use of technology and religion to extend human abilities.


Mormon Women Stand 4 All is a community of Mormon women and allies who wish to engage in discussions about how to actively live the love Christ showed and taught, and empower Mormon women to do the same.

Our mission:
To help facilitate discussions about and empower Mormon women and allies to take action to strengthen and defend all families and actively live the love that our Savior both demonstrated and taught in His time on earth. To improve awareness and practice of intersectionality and allyship among Mormon women and allies, in keeping with our covenants to “bear others’ burdens, that they may be light; mourn with those that mourn; and comfort those in need of comfort.”


Is dedicated to conveying love and acceptance to LGBTSSA individuals.


New Order Mormons are people who are Mormons who acknowledge a vast spectrum of belief and activity within Mormonism. New Order Mormons are interested in a healthy public dialogue about contemporary issues, history and Mormon heritage.


This is a group that was created in response to a direct need. After being featured in a Salt Lake Tribune article about making marriage and family work after one spouse starts/stops believing my wife and I had many people message us asking for both our fellowship (through whatever side of the struggle they were on) and advice.


For single Mormon/LDS people who consider themselves progressive or unorthodox and are looking to meet other like-minded single people. We welcome people going through various stages of faith transitions, so we ask that everyone be respectful of individual beliefs and keep the swearing, contention, and inappropriateness to a minimum. This group is geared toward the “younger” singles but older singles are welcome too. Please have your messages turned ON, as an administrator may contact you to verify legitimacy before admission to the group.


A faith affirming group to help Transgender/Intersex/Gender Dysphoria individuals and their family members find their path in the Mormon church.


Welcome to USGA at BYU!
USGA manages 4 Facebook presences:
• the public USGA at BYU and Faces of USGA pages,
• a private USGA Community group open to USGA members, former members, and individuals in the broader USGA community,
• and a secret USGA group specific to each school year for active, participating members of USGA


This group is closed, so anyone can see that you are a member of the group, but only group members can see what happens in the group. This group is for all current and former USGA members. If you are a current BYU student and want to be added to the secret group, please message a member of the presidency directly.


Age, experience and long time feelings inside and outside the church are sources of worthy topics of discussion. The Venerables are Mormonite tribal elders with sufficient longevity to speak of things without naivete. We see things from the right of the fence, the left of the fence and even sitting on the fence.
The sacred here is our freedom and willingness to talk openly and honestly – often with emotion – about all things Mormon, approved or otherwise.
We do not flame here nor consider others in disagreement as less than we who write. After all, our space here is like a friendly tavern. The bouncer here has never been awakened, riled or tossed somebody out.


FB Group that goes along with the Young Mormon Feminists blog.


*Because of wide variety of content, some resources may be listed in multiple sections in the Mormon Spectrum website.