Mormon Spectrum In-Person (MSiP) Map & Directory

The purpose of the map & directory is to help exploring, unorthodox and post & ex Mormons easily find nearby, in-person communities that will meet their particular needs. We are hopeful that this will help local groups grow and become vibrant and strong enough to meet the needs of their local community. This directory is designed to enable individuals to find communities nearby that can provide much needed love and support. When individuals discover there are no nearby groups that meet their needs, they are encouraged to form a new in-person community and add it to the directory.

For more information about the MSiP Map & Directory, including Best Practices, FAQs and how to register a new group, please see the In-Person Communities page.

*This information is provided for convenience only; the local groups and communities referenced here are independently controlled and operated, and are not owned, managed, or maintained by Mormon Spectrum Foundation or its directors, officers, or other personnel. Although Mormon Spectrum Foundation hopes, and requests, that groups listed here generally follow operational best practices, such as not tolerating harassment or illegal activities, and providing clear explanations about what to expect at events and get-togethers, Mormon Spectrum Foundation does not direct, govern, or monitor the policies, practices, activities, personnel, or members of these groups. People seeking to join any group listed or attend any activity or event advertised are encouraged to conduct their own thorough due diligence, and exercise the usual and customary prudent caution they would employ in any other circumstance.