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  • Deseret News – The Deseret News is the first news organization and the longest continuously-operating business in the state of Utah. Owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The Deseret News offers news, information, commentary, and analysis from an award-winning and experienced team of reporters, editors, columnists, and bloggers. Its mission is to be a leading news brand for faith and family oriented audiences in Utah and around the world.
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  • Deseret Book – Deseret Book is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deseret Management Corporation, the holding company for business firms owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Deseret Book is a profit-making Utah corporation. Deseret Book is committed to support the mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by providing scriptures, books, music, and other quality products that strengthen individuals, families, and our society.
  • Time Out for Women (TOFW) – For over 10 years, Time Out for Women has been inviting faithful women to step away from the daily routine and make space for themselves and their spiritual lives. What started as an inspirational weekend event full of music, cheering, presenters, friends, and laughter has grown into a worldwide community of like-minded women seeking good. Whether they connect through or at a local event, TOFW women are choosing to be uplifted, reenergized, educated, entertained, and inspired with thousands of women all over the world. TOFW is a subsidiary of Deseret Book Company
  • LDS Living Magazine – LDS Living gives expression to what it means to live as a Mormon. By sharing practical information and seeking out the best things in LDS culture, we hope to empower our readers to make the most of the joys and challenges of life and enjoy their unique heritage to its fullest. We provide articles that inspire and uplift our readers with endless ideas, featuring articles online and in print on issues real-life Mormons are dealing with, recipes, self-help, parenting and relationship advice, behind-the-scenes looks, and in-depth coverage of a wide variety of topics important to Latter-day Saints. LDS Living Magazine is a division of Deseret Book and is published on a bi-monthly schedule.
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