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Supporting LGBT Mormons, their families, friends, and church leaders by encouraging spirituality, providing community, and working for inclusiveness.


This is the main page for the ATM Facebook group. A secret group for believing LDS members who are struggling with a spouse’s crisis of faith


A group where the members discuss issues brought up by critics of Mormonism on Facebook. This is also a group where research done by LDS and other Christian scholars can be discussed.


This is a group for those who are already out or transitioning from active membership in the Mormon Church to a life beyond it. The group strives to encourage critical thought and discussion regarding the doubts that brought most, if not all of us, to question our former faith. Most of these doubts were “forbidden” topics while an active member. Topics include core LDS beliefs such as the Book of Mormon, God, Jesus, “evil”, “sin”, Word of Wisdom, etc. If you are not willing or able to tolerate such topics then this group may not be for you.


The FB fMh page exists as an auxiliary to the blog feministMormonhousewives.org, to provide a safe place for people to learn about and explore the issues of faith and feminism, to foster fellowship, and to discuss actions that will contribute to making the LDS Church a place where women feel respected, involved, and equal.


For ages 12-graduated from HS. The group is moderated by a few parents and mental health providers to keep things safe. Some group members are former LDS, some are practicing LDS, and some have never been LDS. They don’t discuss religious issues unless it’s to talk through an issue at their church or in their family.


This is a support community for former Mormons, who have a believing spouse, and for those who are currently transitioning out of the Mormon belief and/or practice. A safe place to share and navigate feelings and experiences that result from a mixed-belief relationship.


A group for members of Community of Christ and earnest seekers with a Restoration heritage who are investigating what Community of Christ has to offer as a spiritual home.


Mama Dragons is a space of support for women navigating the waters of LGBTQ issues within their family or community. We strive to make this space free of judgment between members.


Provides a community for open, respectful, and progressive discussion about LDS Church, doctrine, and culture. This is a place for those who are sympathetic to finding value in religion in general and Mormonism specifically, though we presuppose no level of involvement in the Church. We invite all to discuss any topic unflinchingly but also in a way that all feel safe sharing their ideas and perspectives. This group is intended for mature gospel discussion therefore as a rule members should be adults.


This is a place to vent about school related frustrations, brag about a job well done.. and well.. for people trying to remember how to write research papers to ask a few dumb questions.

It is also for those who are trying to get into school to find support, and for those who have been through it all and understand.


This is a support group for survivors of Mormon Child Abuse created by the Mormon Child Abuse Awareness page.


The Mormon Expression Podcast community is an open group to foster discussion and community among those who are like minded.


This group is for anyone whose life has been adversely affected by a patriarchal religious system. We’re here to support anyone going through a paradigm shift whether spiritual or personal in nature. Debate is welcome, but we’re mostly a support group, a place to land when the world turns upside down. Free speech is valued here. Honesty is cherished.


This is a forum for the discussion of Mormonism and Mormon-related issues. It operates as a separate entity under the Sunstone Foundation. Discussions in the group should reflect a desire by participants to maintain some connection (religious, familial, cultural, intellectual?) to the Mormon community, broadly defined. Discussions that are openly hostile to Mormonism and that focus exclusively on separation from the Mormon community are inappropriate. Similarly, discussions that are excessively zealous or evangelical in their support of the doctrines and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are also inappropriate (in other words, this forum is not a place for “missionary work” on either side of the belief spectrum). Generally speaking, everything in between these two extremes is acceptable.


This is a invitation page into a much larger secret group about mixed faith marriages that is dedicated to strengthening our relationships and creating a positive space for healing and growth. If you’re LDS and looking for ideas and support on making your marriage work, please come join us!


Mormonism Research Ministry is a missionary/apologetics organization that was organized to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to critically evaluate the differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity.


Mormon Stories is a community of support that seeks to help people constructively navigate the waters of uncorrelated Mormonism. We strive to build a safe bridge between tradition and belief and uncorrelated belief or non-belief. We attempt to create a respectful, safe place for believers and non-believers alike. While we absolutely validate the essential role of anger and mourning in the process of losing a traditional LDS testimony, we also recognize that there are already many places on the internet that facilitate anger and venting. While we support these places and help direct people to them, we feel strongly that in order for Mormon Stories to be a safe bridge between traditional belief and uncorrelated or non-belief we must strive to make Mormon Stories safe for believers and non-believers alike.


This Facebook page is an extension of the Mormon Studies podcast website.


The Mormon Transhumanist Association is the world’s largest advocacy network for ethical use of technology and religion to extend human abilities.


For all who are transitioning away from orthodox Mormonism, and towards either unorthodox/progressive Mormonism or post-Mormonism. The focus of Mormon Transitions is on healing and positive growth — with a particular emphasis on “trading up” (improving your life) after a faith transition.


This is a support group for people who are questioning Mormonism, questioning religion or have left the LDS church.


This group is all about sisterhood and a safe place to be ourselves and to support each other, to laugh and have fun, to spread sunshine and sparkles! We are a group of fun, intelligent, empathetic, sex-positive, take-no-more-shit women! THIS IS A “WAITING ROOM” GROUP WHERE YOU TAKE A QUESTIONNAIRE AND WAIT TO BE VETTED TO ENTER THE SECRET GROUP: POST MORMON LADIES


This is a support group for people who are Ex or non-believing Mormons and more specifically, Ex-Mormons who now consider themselves Atheist, Agnostic, Humanist or subscribe to any variation of non-deist/non-creationist belief.


Hello and welcome to a private group for you as parents to help you with support and love and for you to help others


Reform Mormonism has its roots in the teachings of Joseph Smith – the First Mormon. The theological basis is founded upon the unique teachings found in Joseph Smith’s final sermon in Nauvoo which reshaped the theological foundations of Mormonism. Reform Mormomism is a distinct denomination of Mormonism. It was founded in the State of Washington in 2002 and organized according to the laws of that state. It has no connection whatsoever to the LDS Church in Utah, nor is it interested in changing or reforming that Utah-based denomination.


Single Mormon Transitions is for singles who identify as unorthodox, progressive, post, and ex-Mormon.


Thoughtful Transitions is a space for all people who are stepping away from the LDS church and who still want to have a supportive community of like minded people. Thoughtful Transitions is currently a community of 870+ members and growing. This group focuses on being a safe space for people to heal and grow. We want the group to arrive at a place where they can let go of pain and anger, learn and grow from it, and work out a healthier state of mind. Our group is known for it’s close community and positive tone.

Thoughtful Transitions is a Secret Group. People can join by joining our Closed Group Thoughtful Transitions Support Group and filling out the entrance survey in the group description. Members requesting to join the Closed Group will be vetted by Group Moderators and added to the Secret Group. Vetting is a simple process we use to verify your identity and intentions for joining the community.


The purpose of this group is for people to be able to discuss ANY topic related to the LDS/Mormon church, without having to walk on eggshells. Believers and non-believers are welcome. Here, ALL subjects are on the table. Please keep in mind that we wish to maintain a balance between personal freedom of expression and social responsibility. Please conduct your posts and comments accordingly.


Uncensored. Period. We are here to discuss the issues, the doctrine, the people. You must abide by Facebook rules of conduct. No blocking of admins. Period.


As a group, we are here primarily to support people QUESTIONING MORMONISM or who are NO LONGER MORMON. Please keep that in mind when you ask to join.


Woman Evolving is a diverse community of women, giving and receiving support in our personal changes, transformations and evolutions.

W.E. believe in creating a world in which all people can grow and evolve organically. Our community is founded upon the belief that when one woman evolves, we all do; and as we share in this process, W.E. are made whole.


FB Group that goes along with the Young Mormon Feminists blog.



How have you enjoyed your life after Mormonism?

Inspiring messages. Experiences in approaching different topics with children. Sharing family joy found since leaving.

*Because of wide variety of content, some resources may be listed in multiple sections in the Mormon Spectrum website.