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We recognize and empathize with the overwhelming feelings that may accompany the discovery of information outside of the correlated church material.

Depending on where you are on this journey as an exploring, unorthodox or post & ex Mormon, we’ll help you find resources and community. In order to help you navigate to the various resources and communities that interest you, please select one of the following descriptions briefly outlined below or choose from the navigation bar above.

*We realize these are generalizations and broad umbrellas. We ask you to please select the one that you best identify and feel comfortable with and your content will then reflect this selection.

I believe the core doctrines and accept the official correlated church narratives regarding church history, truth claims and social stances as are taught in church.

I am starting to explore and become aware of issues in truth claims, historical issues and/or doctrinal or social stances of the church.

I acknowledge significant complexities in church claims and practices, and difficulties with the ways it currently operates, but choose to remain actively engaged.

I no longer believe. I am disaffiliated from the church. I may/may not continue to feel a connection to Mormonism and may/may not participate in church activity on occasion.

Looking for an in-person community or support group?

Check out our Community page! We've built an interactive map and extensive directory that lists all kinds of Mormon-related (and semi-Mormon-related) support groups and communities. Click the link below to find a group in your area! 

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