I know you’re out there. I know what you’re going through. I have felt the pain you feel. I have been alone and afraid, just like you. You have been rejected, you have been dismissed. You have been chastised, you have been broken. They have told you that you are led astray. They have told you that you are incomplete. They have told you that you are unworthy and unclean.

As the cracks in your soul have formed from despair, you have been left empty, lost, and abandoned. The night is dark and the sky is black. There are no lights burning for you. But know this: there is hope. Thousands of us have walked this lonely path before you, and we are all here for you now. All of us. Though you may have lost your tribe, a better tribe is waiting for you now.

My tribe will never turn you away. No matter how broken you feel, no matter how lost you may seem, you are welcome here. We want you, we need you with us. My tribe has no priests, sacred texts, or gods to fear. My tribe has no commandments to break, and no straight and narrow path that you must follow. All we want is you — just you the way you are.

We want to share your burdens, and rejoice in your triumphs. We want to serve you, cherish you, and show you a better world without dogmas, prejudice, or superstition. We want to be your mentors, your friends, and your companions in the journey of life. We are here to hold your hand and help you heal. We are here to show you that you have worth, you have value, you are enough. We are your people. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are waiting for you.

Originally posted on Mormon Transitions By Micah Nickolaisen