Yesterday I was talking to a neverMo friend about my crazy faith transition journey and how tough it is sometimes, and she said to me, “Have you read Zelph on the Shelf’s recent post?”  Why, no I hadn’t.  But I have now, and you should read it, too, if you’ve ever found your own faith transition hard in any way.

Here’s the link.

In particular, I think I need to print these paragraphs out and post them on my mirror:

“If you feel incomplete, lost, or broken during or after your transition out of the church, no matter how long it’s been since you left, IT’S OKAY.  You don’t need to have your life all together right now.  You don’t need to be the perfect ex-Mormon mom, the perfect ex-Mormon employee, or the perfect ex-Mormon friend.  In fact, you don’t need to be the perfect anything.  You just need to BE.  And sometimes just BEING means being depressed, being angry, or being nihilistic.

You might not know exactly how to be happy outside Mormonism yet.  But cut yourself some slack and realize that it’s going to take some time.  Remember, most of us are still just infants (now without thrones) trying to figure life out again.  Completely rewiring our brains and restructuring our life isn’t something we should expect to do overnight or even in a year or 10 years.  Usually it’s a long, ongoing process.  So we shouldn’t feel too discouraged when it hurts harder and longer than we anticipated.”

Thanks for the reminder, Zelph on the Shelf!

(And thanks to my friend for directing me to the post.  Seriously, how awesome is it that my neverMo friend reads Zelph?!  I have the best friends.)