The Henderson Saints

If you’re in the Henderson, Nevada area and you’re looking for a supportive group to belong to, then check out The Henderson Saints.

Before Shawn, the group’s moderator, lived in Henderson he was in Utah and then Idaho where there were Mormon support groups of all sorts.  He loved the range of people he met there, all the way from those just leaving mainstream Mormonism, to Denverites, those following their Divine, atheists, and everyone in-between.  When he moved from Mormon Central, he wanted to continue the conversation with a similar group of people, so he created a secret Facebook group called The Henderson Saints.

There’s a group in Las Vegas, but if you’re in Southeast Henderson, Vegas is a little far to drive for get togethers.  Having a more local group is a nice perk, but the real benefit of The Henderson Saints is that it’s a secret group, which means your identity is protected. So no matter where you are on the belief spectrum, you can feel comfortable reaching out.  If you’re still attending church and it’s important that no one know you’re in a faith transition support group, The Henderson Saints is safe for you.  If no one in your family knows that your faith base has shifted, The Henderson Saints is safe for you.  If you are LGBTQ, the Henderson Saints is safe for you.  If you just have some questions and want to talk to someone, The Henderson Saints is safe for you.

The group is a loving, non-judgmental zone for everyone.  When I talked to Shawn, he said, “I’ve been judged on my journey.  Who am I to judge others?  It doesn’t matter if you’re the father of seven and you’re the Patriarch and then you leave the church; that’s your journey.  Everyone has their own journey.”  He invites everyone to come and love people and find purpose in that simple, yet profound action.  We can all appreciate that.

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(Also, with sunny days like this, who wants to move to Henderson with me?!!)

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