Swearing Elder’s Report

I go through long periods of not giving two flying flips about Mormonism — where I barely think about it. And that means I don’t really think about my ExMormonism either. I’ll have moments where I think, “Oh, I should just completely move on and not worry about this stuff anymore.”

But then… But then someone will email me and say something like: “Hey, Christian

[or Swearing Elder, depending on where they got my contact info] – My family is making a break for it, getting out of the church. I understand you have an online or in-person group for ExMormons in South Carolina. Tell me more. Signed, Newbie ExMo”

And my heart grows three sizes. And I honestly feel privileged that I get these emails. I know that sounds corny as hell, but I don’t care.

This is my report. Even so. A-f***ing-men.

Christian Anderson, Swearing Elder
Palmetto Post-Mormons


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