Transitioning Mormons – Grand Forks & Fargo

Hi everyone. I created the “Transitioning Mormons – Grand Forks & Fargo” group as a place for unorthodox, post, and ex-Mormons to meet up in person or online.

My story is a common one. I did all the typical Mormon milestones: Eagle scout, mission, BYU, and temple marriage. As I left BYU, my views regarding issues facing women and the LBGTQ community became increasingly incompatible with the church teachings. Furthermore, as I delved into church history, I found Sunday School whitewashing and apologetic explanations lacking.

In the summer of 2016, after a nearly decade long transition, I left the church. It has been an exciting adventure. Like many folks, the long transition was difficult and I often felt alone with my doubts and questions. I decided to create this group to build a community to help unorthodox, transitioning, and no-longer believing individuals like me.

We have a small group, thus far, but we are a hardy bunch living in the Red River Valley region (eastern ND/western MN). It’s a new group and I am still thinking of activities. Here are some ideas I have so far: tapir riding, treasure seeking, competitive ex-Mormon podcasting, and petitioning HBO to do an adaptation of Fawn Brodie’s No Man Knows My History. Anyone have any other good ideas?

  • written by John Paul

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