In-Person Communities Guidelines

Purpose of the Mormon Spectrum In-Person (MSiP) Map & Directory

The purpose of the map & directory is to help exploring, unorthodox and post & ex Mormons easily find nearby, in-person communities that will meet their particular needs. We are hopeful that this will help local groups grow and become vibrant and strong enough to meet the needs of their local community. This directory is designed to enable individuals to find communities nearby that can provide much needed love and support. When individuals discover there are no nearby groups that meet their needs, they are encouraged to form a new in-person community and add it to the directory.

The groups listed in the MSiP are individually created and run by local people in that area. Mormon Spectrum does not indicate what groups should name themselves, what specific vetting process to use or get involved with the operation of the groups. Those decisions are made entirely by local administrators who are running the group. The MSiP merely offers visibility. There is no cost to list a group on the MSiP.

To find the closest community to where you live we have created the
Mormon Spectrum in Person Directory (MSiP)

If you are an admin and want to add your group to the Directory/Map please fill out the
MSiP Group Registration Form

In-Person Community Best Practices

  • It is encouraged that each group description point back to where the directory is contained ( Each group may include a disclaimer that it is not beholden to the Mormon Spectrum site and it is responsible for what it may or may not do.
  • In order to achieve stability, to help maintain comfort and safety of members, and to understand expectations, it is encouraged that groups consider using the following group/event policies as best practices.
    • No illegal activities in their official events.
    • No harassment of any kind, online or in person.
    • Indicate (if not specifically disallowed and conveyed in the group policies) in each official event:
      • if alcohol will be allowed
      • if legal recreational drugs will be allowed
      • indicate in each official event if kids are allowed

Privacy is an extremely important consideration for these groups. Often, exploring, unothodox and post & ex Mormons wish to keep their support group membership and their activities in support groups completely private. Groups should clearly inform people before they join if their privacy is at-risk in any way through their attendance or membership in the group. Groups are encouraged to clearly communicate and observe group policies regarding privacy (e.g. all communication is private and not to be copy/pasted in other places, etc).

Mormon Spectrum Site

  1. Mormon Spectrum will remove any groups it feels are acting flagrantly and impacting the overall success of the In-Person Communities Directory.
  2. Use of the MSiP directory in order to join local groups to solicit (for any reason) is prohibited.
  3. Mormon Spectrum will post the following disclaimer on any page we control that lists In-Person Communities:
This information is provided for convenience only; the local groups and communities referenced here are independently controlled and operated, and are not owned, managed, or maintained by Mormon Spectrum Foundation or its directors, officers, or other personnel. Although Mormon Spectrum Foundation hopes, and requests, that groups listed here generally follow operational best practices, such as not tolerating harassment or illegal activities, and providing clear explanations about what to expect at events and get-togethers, Mormon Spectrum Foundation does not direct, govern, or monitor the policies, practices, activities, personnel, or members of these groups. People seeking to join any group listed or attend any activity or event advertised are encouraged to conduct their own thorough due diligence, and exercise the usual and customary prudent caution they would employ in any other circumstance.


For a consistent experience when visitors are searching for In-Person Communities, be it on the Mormon Spectrum website, Facebook, Google, Meetup, or elsewhere.
In an effort to be inclusive and sensitive to others, groups should consider designating whether gatherings may include alcohol or alternatively, prohibit alcohol use. Members, or their significant others, may have a heightened sensitivity to the presence of alcohol at events. This is especially helpful for groups that have a wide range of members.

If a group has a more narrow range of members, an official ALWAYS policy of alcohol allowed (or at private parties and night events) may be more practical for their particular group. If this is the case, they could list that in their group description and avoid having to repeatedly indicate this for events. The same goes for NO alcohol groups if this is their official policy for all events.

At some events, adults may want to speak freely without concern for age-appropriate matters, or they may just need to focus on adult conversation without distractions (e.g. a book club). Sometimes the nature of the event may necessarily preclude the inclusion of children. For example, a 3-day conference oriented towards adults might not be fun or appropriate for children. Some events may allow children for the first 2-3 hours, but not after 8 p.m., so the adults can enjoy both having and then not having their children there. On the other hand, some events are intended explicitly for children (e.g. Easter Egg Hunt).
Events may indicate what level of alcohol and child attendance are appropriate. Examples include:

  • Children 13 and over allowed
  • Alcohol allowed, but only light drinking of wine and beer, no heavy liquor
This depends. If your group has a way of differentiating official and non-official events (e.g. using a prefix like “[OFFICIAL]” on official events) this would not be required. If your group doesn’t differentiate between official and non-official events, ALL events would need to contain the same notice. Regardless, Mormon Spectrum recommends that all events are labeled anyway for the sake of consistency.
If you are an admin and want to add your group to the Directory/Map please fill out the MSiP Group Registration Form.